Default mode Network

Default Mode Network// Interne Toestanden.

First Gallery: Drawings   Year: 2011/ 2015      Material: pencilpen (5mm) , ink, paper.
Second gallery: Inwaartste val. mural at Duende, Rotterdam.   year: 2013    Material: pencilpen (5mm).

During the proces of making a new work I often stumble upon the moment where you make the translation from an idea to the thing that eventually lies in front  of you. I don’t understand that. What happens there?  out of that came the idea  to create images whereby I render ideas, thoughts or emotions ( before the are made into an object) as a visible natural phenomenon into an object.

 ‘Default Mode Network’  is the scientific term for a network in your brain that is activated when daydreaming, selfreference or reflection, etc.,. D.M.N.  is also called Task-Negative Network or Resting-State Network because  this network is active when you are not  focused on the outside world  but the inside.