Default mode Network/ drawings

Default Mode Network// Interne Toestanden.

What if awareness (consciousness, thoughts, emotions and so forth)  originate as a process similar
to cloud-, star- or galaxy formation: like an expanding explosion, suspended in time. So I wondered
what if I could zoom into my brain, zoom into its nerve system, into the neurons, its dendrites. Zoom until the smallest of this microcosmos in my head becomes so small that there is no difference between infinite small and infinitely large and that it would become spacious. What if I could lie there and watch its sky.  Then how would the formation of awareness look like? This is the starting point for the drawings I make

First Gallery: Drawings   Year: 2011/ 2013   Material: pencil-pen (5mm) , ink, paper.
Second gallery: Inwaartste val. mural at Duende, Rotterdam.   year: 2013    Material: pencil-pen (5mm).

 ‘Default Mode Network’  is the scientific term for a network in your brain that is activated when daydreaming, selfreference or reflection, etc.,. D.M.N.  is also called Task-Negative Network or Resting-State Network because this network is active when you are not focused on the outside world but the inside.